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Our cooking alter ego, Fabfoodalista,  has provided a multimedia experience allowing you, the reader, to engage with the instructions at every level. There are several short videos peppered throughout demonstrating techniques, methods, and/or recipes, as well as a buyer’s guide and quick reference guide. Our mission is to create good food using easy-to-follow recipes, with added options that help to transition tasty, popular fares to a more plant-based way of eating. Making this transition shouldn’t be painful, hard, or even a judgement call - just good food! This is the natural and nurturing pledge that is Transitional Cuisine! 

Eight Juicy Breasts of Chicken

SKU: 364215376135191
  • This first book covers the fabulous world of skinless, boneless chicken breasts - the most requested item on our ongoing menu, and the first baby step towards healthier eating. Whether we were catering a wedding or an office meeting, it had to be excellent every time. As a result, we used every tried and true technique and method in the book, and are now going to share them with you.

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