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Beautiful, deep purple Hidcote lavender. Freshly cut from our own field in Maryland. Hidcote (Lavandula Angustifolia/Officinalis) – Known as English Lavender, Hidcote is the most recognized of the lavender plants. This Mediterranean variety produces short stems full of lovely deep purple-blue flowers with a distinctive scent that is makes it perfect for floral arrangements and bridal bouquets. Keep the buds and they fall and used them for baking, teas, and sachets. This is the sweetest and best tasting lavender for cupcakes, cakes, and sweet syrups.


Fresh Hidcote Lavender Bundle 100 to 200 stems

SKU: 21554345656
$20.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
  • Our dried lavender is 100% naturally grown and cultivated by hand on our own farm, with five varieties for you to choose from. Each provides its own delicate blend of fragrance and use for your every need.


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